On blogging as a way to work out what you're thinking

I really like how this recent post by Adam Greenfield starts. I'm normally in awe of his writing, and how vivid the picture is that he paints, of a near future of networked urbanism, and well thought through design. Seeing this disclaimer today makes him seem so much more fallible, and well... more like the rest of us:

This is a quickish post on a big and important topic, so I’d caution you against taking any of the following too terribly seriously. Blogging is generally how I best think things through, though, so I’d be grateful if you’d bear with me as I work out just what it is I mean to say.
Whenever I try to write something of substance, I'm usually paralysed by a fear of being wrong, or not expressing what I've been thinking about completely and concisely, and so the post I've started writing ends up languishing in my drafts folder, or on my computer, until it's a) out of date and irrelevant and abandoned b) no longer intelligble to me, because its largely notes and I don't remember what I was writing about when I come back to it.

So seeing this from a figure whose writing was one of the reasons I decided to throw most of my twenties into a career in technology, if incredibly refreshing, and writing on this blog here, it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off from my writing.

Lets see how long this lasts.

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