Trying a month of 8hrs sleep a night

For more than the last 12 months, I've got into a habit of rarely getting more than 6 hours sleep a night, except on the occasional weekend.

I've done this to try to maximise the amount of waking hours available to me to as get things done as I want, but when I look at the last year, I just don't see the results of this approach at all, and I only end up being frustrated with how little I'm getting done compared to what I want to do.

I'm gonna try a couple of weeks of being adamant about sleeping 8 hrs a night, even if this means cutting social engagements short, to see if I end up being more productive during the time I have awake.

I might write about the differences in my days if I notice any.

Update - This lasted about 6 days before I went back to my usual 4 - 6 hours of sleep on average each night.

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