Where is Chris?

While I live in Berlin normally, I’ll be traveling a lot throughout Western Europe in September and October.

It seemed worth sharing my (incomplete) itinerary, to maximise serendipity:


Brussels 9th – 11th

I’m at this Cloud Efficiency Event, to understand better the environmental impact of the cloud we’re using more and more, and what measures are available to mitigate against it.

Paris 11th – 12th

I’m meeting the Open Footprint Gang, who are building an open source tool for measuring the footprint of events, companies and in general, “a wordpress for carbon calculation reporting”.

Barcelona 13th to 20th

I’m meeting some folks from Giant Swarm, and I’m interested in learning about how the city of Barcelona is doing interesting things with procurement, because it’s one of the biggest levers we have in the public sector to reduce emissions and more than 2/3 of public sector emissions come from who they choose to buy from.

Porto (not sure if I’ll do this now. Sorry!)

I’m on the organising team for Djangocon2020, and I know WordCamp is happening in the same city next year.

I wanted to scout the route before saying that it’s possible, and also I found out there’s. cool Green Software Lab, with some really interesting papers coming out of it.

London – 22nd to 27th

I’m delivering a commercial workshop for a client helping them learn how to audit the services they build for environmental impact, and integrate changes into how they build new ones.

Liverpool 28th to Oct.

I’m speaking at the Festival of Maintenance, then hanging around for week, cos I’ve always wanted spend time in Liverpool.


(this stuff is less certain, apart from.the wedding)


Some Climate Action tech members in Edinburgh are doing some research on emissions from computing cloud and the like.

Also, hopefully it’ll be a chance to chat about service design and green procurement with some people working in Scotland Digital Services.

Inverness 3rd – 7th

Two of my best friends’ wedding. This was the main thing that got me up here.


Hopefully meeting some of the ex-AMEE gang, to chat about DAMEE – Distributed Mass Extinction Avoidance Engine.

It’s also a cool city. COP 26 yo!


There’s a group of industrial ecology folk I want to speak to, as I think the work they’re doing with input/output modelling makes it possible to look at the life cycle environmental impact of various digital services and products in a way that’s faster, and more accessible than doing bottom up modelling, even if it is less precise.

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