Warning about a Google Docs Phishing Attack

This morning I came across a warning from Lily Dart, one of DXW's team of extremely talented web-types.

Google Chrome As she said, it was pretty convincing, and seems to have caught a few of my friends already, which makes me think it's convincing enough to make it worth warning others here.

If you see an email invite come in that looks like the first pic on this:

Google Chrome

Which takes you to a screen that looks like this:

Google Docs - Online documents, spreadsheets, presentations, surveys, file storage and more

…it's very likely to be a phishing attack to harvest your username and password.

Don't enter your details.

If in doubt, you can check with the original sender, to see if they meant to send it.

If they didn't, it's very, very likely to be this phishing attack at work again.

Here's the link to Lily's original tweet

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