UX Thursdays #1 - Nudging people away from landfill at the London Olympics

When I refer to UX, I'm referring a human-centred process of either designing products, or services that has somewhat fuzzy edges with other disciplines like service design, and I'm including examples that occur in the built environment as well as just onscreen.1

Nudging people away from landfill

One such example is the smart move to nudge people away from landfill at the London Olympics, captured by Richard Pope last summer here:

making the landfill bins shorter than recycling ones at Olympics

It's not a huge intervention, but making it slightly more awkward to condemn otherwise recyclable waste to a fate in landfill somewhere, is a lovely touch - the implicit communication here acts as a elegant trigger for the question:

Could what I'm about to throw away be recycled instead??
That said, I'd love to know if there was any data about if it affected recycling rates, beyond just looking like a clever idea.

As an aside, you could do a lot worse than follow what Richard Pope is up to: in addition to being one of Govuk's first hires, he also has a habit of making lovely little things, the most recent being his Bicycle Barometer.

Which seems like a fine candidate for a future UX Thursdays post - that's all for now, hope you enjoyed it!



  1. I may be on safer ground referring to this as design thinking, but UX Thursdays, sounds so much snappier.

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