Ted Nyman on remote working

I found out today, that Ted Nyman, @tnm on twitter will be speaking at the coming Monkigras conference later in January/Feb.

Having never heard of him before, I googled him and came across a great post about the cultural benefits to a company of providing for remote workers, but also how important it is to go all in if you do decide to go down the remote worker route:

So look beyond. GitHub employs Midwestern homeowners, Texans with gardens, European urbanites, climbers in the Pacific Northwest, British guitar players. We've even allowed in several Australians. This helps temper the worst cultural excesses and business cul-de-sacs rampant in Social Hybrid Cloud Web 3.0. It broadens our vision. It reduces local bubble think. In short, geographic diversity helps keep the organization grounded in reality.

The effectiveness of remote work, and the extent to which it can help your culture, depends on how much a company encourages it. If you're going to do remote, you must do it all the way.

Consider job postings. "Remote work possible for the right candidate" is awful. "Work where you want" should be the message.

A company can't just begrudgingly accept the possibility of remote work. It must embrace it.

I'm now quite glad I bought that ticket - he sounds like a smart chap.

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