A couple of handy tricks when linking to youtube videos

I find myself using these tricks quite ofton when linking to youtube videos, and I figure they're worth sharing.

Lets say I'm sharing this video:


There's a few tricks I can use to

  1. make the link shorter
  2. link to a specific point in the video more easily.

The first thing to bear in mind is that one thing Youtube did with all the acquisition money was buy a belgian .be domain name, youtu.be, purely to make shorter links.

You can use this to shorten a video link from the long form:


…to the terser belgian flavoured link:


Linking to a specific point

You can link to a specific point in a youtube video by adding a little snippet of text to the end too. Lets say in this video I want to link to the part in this chinese parkour video featuring possible the most foolhardy jump I've seen ever, I can link directly by passing in the url the time to advance the video by, by adding a snippet like so:


I remember this like "time offset equals 1 minute 45 seconds".

Here’s an example in use with our video. I defy you to not watch that through your fingers.


Now, go forth, and amaze your friends with your new youtube-fu.

Or, just watch some parkour.


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