Opening up Skype with webRTC

I read an interesting article on GigaOm this morning about Skype moving towards the browser as it's future home under its new buyers, Microsoft.

Its recent interest in webRTC caught my eye, as this was the first inkling there might be some manifestation of webRTC appearing on Internet Explorer, which as a developer makes for an exciting prospect: being able to stream video back and forth across all the main browsers (Firefox, the Webkit-kin, Opera and Internet explorer), without needing to download proprietary plugins opens up a lot of possibilities for building interesting new tools and services.

After hearing news about clumsy decisions like trying to squeeze ads into chats between people, this the first sign I've seem that Microsoft's purchase of Skype last year might not be a total disaster after all.

Update - looks like they were hiring people to build a new competing standard, according to the register. Sigh…

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