Starting to blog again

I've been learning in immense amount in and out of work lately, and generally had loads to write about, but I've felt far too rushed to actually sit down and write any blog posts, or repurpose hurried scribbles into useful content for this site lately.

This is a massive mistake on my behalf - every time I do blog, I'm glad I did, and the act of writing about it forces me to recall and retain what's been going on in life, or where I'm writing about something complex and technical that I haven't a hope in remembering normally, I tend to come back to it time and time again.

One of the issues has been wanting posts to be a certain length before the seem worth blogging; kind of like some absurd geek performance anxiety. This is also folly, so starting from this tip, I'm gonna have a another stab at sharing the snippets I'd normally squirrel away in Notational Velocity or LittleSnapper.

Besides, seeing others blog again, or even start blogging, and remain remarkably consistent and entertaining while doing so, should be enough peer pressure to try and get a rhythm again...

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