Enjoying BankSimple's rhetoric

If ever there was an sector that needs to be disrupted, it would be the banking sector, so I'm quite enthused by both the rhetoric, and the calibre of the team who are amassing around BankSimple.

That doesn't happen in banking. The huge barriers to entry mean that the big guys can continue to screw you over, secure in the knowledge that no startup can compete for your business. And of course the government will bail them out if they get into trouble. Here at BankSimple, we are hoping to shake things up a little. While we sit atop existing banking systems, we've got some great technology that hides much of the underlying nastiness and lets us bank in a more real-time fashion.

Moreover, their blog is already chock-full of great content, and actual useful analysis of the business now, and how the system currently works.

I have the same feeling about them, as I do about Dropbox - but sadly, I can't see the UK getting any clever financial services companies like this launch just yet (the closest would be Smile, but while their customer service is exemplary, they have the same creaking infrastructure that forces me to use wesabe and a load of other tools to make sense of what my money.

Check them out - I really think when they launch properly, you'll see some proper disruption in the financial sector at last.

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