Slideshare's UI guys are really rather good.

Every now and then, you come cross a piece interaction design that's so well executed, it'd be plain disrespectful not to write about it. Today, I had one of those moments on Slideshare.

[caption id="attachment_254" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="See? Very clever, these Slideshare chaps."]annotated screenshot of slideshare[/caption]

I wanted to favourite this presentation by Drew Houston, Dropbox Startup Lessons Learned, about how they applied lean startup principles internally at Dropbox, so I signed in to the site.

From there, I was 'upsold' into tagging the content (useful for me, but also useful for the site)

From there, I had already switched from being a passive consumer, to being an annotator, and from there it wasn't much of a jump to convert (note the deft use of clever micro-copy) to being a commenter, adding what (I hope) was some extra value to the page an increasing my engagement with the service.

Each step seemed natural, and unforced.

Wow, these guys are good.

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