Letter loungin'


Yesterday, I put on an event with Claire Medcalf from Glovepuppet, and a few friends, called the letter lounge. As you'd expect from the name, we started it to help people get round to actually writing more letters to distant friends and relatives, and take the time to reflect and generally slow down somewhat, as a way of clawing back some tranquility and respite against the whirl of tweets, emails facebook messages and IM chats that punctuate our lives.

And suffice to say, I'm really happy with how it turned out -turnout was high enough to be encouraging, and low enough to mean Claire and I could take the time to write to people instead of playing host the whole day.

However, without a doubt, the highlight of the day, apart from seeing Claire's entourage waiting outside the hub with a full on toy postbox for us to use, was hearing from one of the visitors, telling me that because of this event, she finally wrote her first physical letter in 15 years - how cool?

Made my day, and pretty much sealed the deal for us to running another Letter Lounge as soon as we have a chance.

If you want to hear more about the letter lounge... yes it's on twitter - @letterlounge, and now we've run one of these events and have an idea of how to do them, we're going to make it much easier to find out about future ones so we start building some momentum with this idea.

But first, sleep...

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