...and is now a Wordpress site running on Joyent.

There are various traces of me around the internet, and I've made, many, many abortive attempts at starting a habit of writing online, and aggregating all my online activity in one place so I have one definitive online identity to point people to.

But they've usually run out of steam, or I've ended up faffing around the back end of the code so much that I never got round to actually producing much content, and generally ended up incredibly frustrated by ineffectiveness.

So one thing I did last year, was setup a private blog on, and because I couldn't hack around all day with the code elements or the design, it forced me to write.

So write I did.

And this is why I've started again, using Wordpress, after investing hours and hours in getting my head around Django or Rails, and dabbling with Textdrive and Expression Engine. Despite being written in PHP, a language I'm loathe to spend any more time than I absolutely have to using, it's just so slick, and so well designed that I can just download, setup in 5 minutes and use it right away, instead of agonising over countless minor details.

I'm going to write at least 4 times a week.

Lets se if I can keep this up through the end of 2008, and then 2009.

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