I’m experimenting with listing upcoming events I’ll be at with a now page, mainly to increase serendipity with meeting other folks with similar goals.

What I’m mainly working on:

I’m currently splitting my time working with The Green Web Foundation, growing the community at

Where I’ll be

This is where I’ll be over the next two months. I’ll try to keep it updated.


22nd, 23rd Nov – Berlin: Policies for a just and green digital transformation

I’ve been invited to an event organised by the Boell Foundation, to explore some of the themes around green digitalisation, with a few specialists from North America as well as Europe.

I’ve been consulting around this lately with clients, so I’m curious about what others have been doing across the pond, as well as the policy levers available.

Learn more about the Boell Foundation

27th Nov – Berlin: The Internet Governance Forum 2019 – Internet Futures and the Climate Crisis

The Internet Governance Forum is happening in Berlin this year. I’m working as a facilitator, to get issues related to our changing climate on the internet governance agenda. This is a first, and generally speaking, we tend not to talk much about the fact that the internet itself has a colossal carbon footprint, when we really, really need to.

Learn more about the session Internet Futures and the Climate Crisis – Paths to Sustainability or Extinction?

29th Nov – Berlin: Edgeryders Festival – Service Design in a Climate Emergency

I’m running an open workshop with EdgeRyders to work out what kinds of skills you might need as service designers in digital teams when faced with binding legal targets to reach net-zero emissions. Setting targets is one thing, but if you don’t know what you don’t know, it’s hard to know where to invest in building skills and capacity to change how you work.

We’ll be exploring this in a half day workshop, as part of the Edgeryders Festival.

See more details about the workshop Service Design in a Climate Emergency.


4th Dec – Brussels: Workshop on Green Public Procurement and policies for energy efficient cloud computing

I work as one of the directors of the Green Web Foundation. In addition to providing datasets, APIs and guidance on understanding and reducing the emissions from digital infrastructure, we also do advocacy work to argue for a greener internet. I’ll be contributing, and talking about green procurement, there.

6th Dec – Berlin: CAT Skills

I’m doing an experiment with Michelle Thorne, to create more persistent knowledge base with discourse, to capture answers to common questions asked in the online community.

We’re aiming to make them publicly visible on an discourse forum, as it can work like a wiki, and we can re-use existing slack authentication, meaning the sign up process is simpler.

The first two Friday afternoons in December, we’ll dedicate in a doc sprint style event, to try it out.

13th Dec – Berlin:CAT Skills

As above. This is the second of the Fridays.

27-30th Dec – Leipzig: Chaos Communication Congress

I’m doing a 45 minute talk at Congress called Reducing Carbon in the Digital, where I’m presenting the Platform, Packets, Process model we use at The Green Web Foundation, to understand and reduce the emissions from building and running digital products.

(Bonus: I’ve also proposed a session around carbon.txt with the Free Software Foundation Europe, around a new convention for organisations to verify that they run on green power. The general is it to linking domain names to the certificates that are issued to power companies when they generate green power, or to similar docs provided by verified carbon offset companies, and reuse as many useful ideas from certificate transparency as possible. If it gets accepted, I’ll dance like a silly man, and update this – 🤞)

More on Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzeig, and the full schedule