ResearchOps in Berlin

As a part of my continued strategy for working through my professional angst, about whether I’m a product person, a UX person, a developer, or whether it’s all about competencies rather than roles in cross functional teams, I’ve got into the ResearchOps/ReOps community in the last few weeks. If you’re thinking “What is this ResearchOps … Continue reading ResearchOps in Berlin

Dear Developer, go read “Dear Developer”

I’ve just finished reading through Charlie Owen’s converted-webpage-from-a-talk thing, Dear Developer. It’s funny, friendly and really captures the wonder of the web as a medium to work with. Without picking fights, it steers developers away from a lot of bad practices, and towards ones which are more empathetic, resilient and performant. In this post I … Continue reading Dear Developer, go read “Dear Developer”

OMGDPR is live – ZOMG

I’ve written previously about GDPR, thinking out loud about running an event called OMGDPR – a community run, unconference to explore the changes to the industry it’ll bring about. In this post, I introduce the event publicly and explain why I think it’s important. The background – what’s GDPR? GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation … Continue reading OMGDPR is live – ZOMG