Sporadic video recommendation # 3 – Yulia Startsev, on side effects, promise and generators in javascript

I’ve been trying to get back up to speed again with javascript recently, and with all the new features being added each year, I’m starting to like it much more than I did before. Try as I might, though I hadn’t really got my head around how to use generators, or when they might be useful.

After seeing this talk here by Yulia Startsev, it’s making a lot more sense – the talk gives some useful background on how the nicer new async/await syntactic sugar is made possible with generators and gives some nice background on how the new Firefox debugger is built and works.

It’s not short (45 minutes), but if like me, you’ve been feeling a bit shaky about some of the new Promise and generator synatx in newer javascript, it’s a worth a look.


This is not news but Mozilla’s Developer Docs site is fantastic

I recently was trying to debug why some snazzy passwordless sign-in flow wasn’t working on Firefox for me, when it worked just fine on Chrome, and investigation lead to me reading up on CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing), a way to share access to resources (like images, js files and so on) across domains.

I’m really impressed by the writing, and something I thought I knew, I came away learning loads more about.

Good stuff.