What if BPB ran service like whotargets.me for Germany?

2 thoughts on “What if BPB ran service like whotargets.me for Germany?”

  1. Update: Since I wrote this post, I’ve since met one of the WhoTargetsMe founders, and a couple of other Berliners have joined our little band of hackers for the coming hackday thing to work on it.

    We’re still looking for a designer/illustrator/cartoonist type, to make the project as easy to understand as possible. If you’re interested and up for spending some of Friday evening and some of Saturday working with me on this, I’d love to hear from you.


    1. Okay, we’ve got our illustrator on board too now – woot! That makes our team 2 devs, one illustrator, one data scientist, and err… whatever it is that I do…


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